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Af: Nick Martin

Liv og musik

In my work I often allude to a poetic idea or image, drawn from experiences and memories that create strong atmospheres. Earlier, I found that there was a beautiful friction between a constructivist approach and the more poetic and fluid way of working; These two opposing elements, the hard and soft, creating a friction which I found to be beautiful. An example of this, is the piece Mother and Child, which I wrote in the spring of 2010. This piece was a departure from the music I had written previously, and in it I attempted to strip away all of the musical artifice and ‘showmanship’ that characterised my earlier music, to be honest.

Since then, I have been continuing to explore personal thoughts and feelings, in words and music, circling the theme of family, particularly the mother/child relationship. Between 2013-17, I composed a series of pieces in two collections, ‘Matres’ and ‘Fatherland’, where the central idea is that of archetypal parental figures. I recorded this music in 2017-18, with an ensemble and choir I formed, and released it as a double vinyl LP titled ‘Separation’.

A blackbird trapped in an apartment block stairway; A falling stone; A decaying bowel of fruit; A walled garden; An empty house falling into ruin; Nightfall...

My work is full of images from 'nature', and of places. I work with the boundaries between rawness and beauty; Freedom and restraint; The delicate moment between the sweetness of decay and death. Music is drug-like for me, it is without boundaries, liquid, filling space, and conjuring up atmospheres and feelings. Like the mythical siren-song, music in this sense is dangerous; With an appeal to unconscious surrender, but simultaneously letting you know that something is not quite right.


List of work 2007-2018

Evening Prayer for choir and baroque ensemble
First performed by Foreningen Amager Klassisk, on 3rd November 2018, in Nathanaels Kirke


Mother Night for choir, ensemble and electronics
First performed by Thou Art a Vessel, on 29th January 2018, in Koncertkirken


Fatherland electro-acoustic work
First performed at Sonic Festival, 9th September 2017, Kvarterhuset, Copenhagen


Stabat Mater for mezzo soprano, girls choir, piano & accordion
First performed by the Copenhagen Girls Choir, during their spring Finland Tour, April 2017


The Walled Garden (2nd Movement of ‘Matres’) for mezzo soprano & ensemble
First performed by the Piazzolla Orchestra, 17th September 2016, Rønne


Vanitas for string quartet & electronics, 2016


Time Passes (mise en abyme) for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin & cello
First performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain, 7th March 2013, Copenhagen


Projection (negative space) for accordion & cello quartet
First performed by Bjarke Mogensen, Copenhagen Cello Quartet, 7th March 2012, Copenhagen


Escaping centre (stürzender Stein) for piano, clarinet, violin & cello
First performed by the Mercury Quartet, 4th December 2012, London


Mirror Distort Shadow for orchestra
First performed by the Copenhagen Phil, Andreas Delfs, 16th March 2012, Copenhagen


Still Life (nature morte) for french horn and string quartet
First performance during Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen March 2012


Mother of Sorrows for solo accordion
First performed by Bjarke Mogensen in May 2011, Carnegie Hall, New York


Mother and Child for violin and viola
First performed by Luiza Labouriau and Daniel Eklund, in Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen on 16th March 2012


Air for for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin & cello
First performed by the Esbjerg ensemble, May 2009, Copenhagen


Tides for symphony orchestra
Commissioned by Esprit Orchestra & Alex Pauk, premiered at the New Waves Festival
In Toronto, May 2008


Azalea Garden for sinfonietta
First performed by the National Youth Orchestra, in July 2007, Tate Modern, London

Mobile for oboe, french horn & string quartet

First performed by members of the National Youth Orchestra in 2007, the Barbican Hall, London



Released by Gotta Let It Out in 2018





Arrangement af Carl Nielsens 'Tit er jeg glad' er på Halvcirkels debutplade


Photo: Annie Johansen

Nicholas Martin

Fulde navn:

Nicholas James Martin



Ordupvej 67A, 3. tv
2920 Charlottenlund


52 90 74 76





Studerende ved Rytmisk Konservatorium 2019 -

Kandidat i komposition, Det Kongelig Danske Musikkonservatorium, København, 2011-2013

Bachelor i komposition, Royal Academy of Music, London, 2007-2011

Profil oprettet:

11. marts 2014


Lautrupsgade 9, 5.sal
DK 2100 København Ø

Telefon (45) 33 13 54 05


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