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Af: Arash Pandi

Liv og musik

Arash Pandi was born in 1987, in north of Iran, Rasht. He started playing the Tonbak – a traditional Persian percussive instrument – as a child.  
In his teenage years, his interests expanded to include rock music and playing guitars, which eventually transitioned into an interest in electronic sounds and working with digital audio workstations.  
He learned music theory, ear training, harmony and piano by 'Sohrab Mehrabi', history of classical music by 'Ali Ahmadifar' and classical guitar by 'Keyvan Mirhadi'.  
In the admission of classical music program at Tehran Art University, he gained the rank of 18th among 417 participants and was admitted in 'classical guitar performance' program which he could not complete due to his obligatory military service order. 
After couple of years of being one of the main member and producer/mix engineer at 'Moonhead' alternative rock band, he moved to Denmark and studied 'sound design' at Sonic College - UCSyd, where he gained experience with various fields of sound, including field/foley recording, studio production, music and sound design for film, radio and video games, audio-visual programming and interactive design.  In recent years, he has been internationally active performing live and doing installations in different venues and festivals in Iran, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. 

Pandi is based in Copenhagen, where he teaches electronic music and sound design and works on different sound projects. In his recent works, he explores microtonal Persian electronic music. 


In Iran, he initiated different activities and events such as teaching computer music and music production at different music institutes, a multichannel (8 channel) electro-acoustic event, a mini festival of electronic music, a performance with live folk-electronic music together with rock climbing on a mountain in north of Iran and so on.  

In his own sound and music field, he's tried not to follow the usual forms and styles; in his attempt to find a new form of sound and music composition, he experiments with Iranian classical music through programming microtonal systems, improvising and using various sound synthesis and audio production techniques, to achieve his particular form of 'persian electronic music'.  

As his teaching experiences, he has been teaching in private and group classes on computer music, audio production and sound programming in Iran, Sweden and Denmark.  
He's been holding workshops and lectures on electronic music, sound design & programming at 'Ljudskolan' in Sweden, Sonic College and Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark as well as being assistant teacher for visual programming at Rysensteen Gymnasium in Copenhagen.  

Udvalgte værker

2019 – E.I.R Group Composition and performance (Berlin, Germany, 2019)  
“Edit In Record” is a collective project, based on individual interpretations from a graphical score, made by Jaleh Negari from her field recordings of Iran, Germany and Denmark.  

On 19th September, E.I.R was performed live in Berlin as part of Klangteppich festival.  

2018-2019 - 'Exotic Paradox' audio/visual performances (Denmark, Belgium & Iran, 2018-2019)  
Performance at Næstved's youth school (JB10), Klub Primi, Alice CPH, Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, “Night Shift” festival in Ghent, Belgium and Tadaex festival (Tehran annual digital art exhibition) in Iran.  
Full Performance 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BRO5tmZpM8&t=1700s 

2018 - Power of Patience (Girih: Iranian Sound Artists, zabte sote label 2018) 

A compilation of 40 Experimental – Avant-garde musicians of Iran, released by Zabte Sote Label, a sub-label of Opal Tapes.  




2016 – Live Audio Theater (Copenhagen, Denmark)  

Worked as a sound designer and live audio engineer with the theater group “dansk, dansk” at Teatergrad in Copenhagen, which was a live audio theater (similar to a radio play) with 3 voice and foley actors and sound mate Aske Øland Kjærgaard.  

Video : https://vimeo.com/288873639 

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/arash-pandi/sets/holy-war-live-audio-theater  


2015 – Producer/ Audio Engineer (Moonhead)  

Production/ post-production of Moonhead's first album 'event horizon', where he also played piano, electric guitars, synths and composed different sections and did additional drum- programming. 

2015 – "Controlling Objects" Sound Installation (SonicEvent#5) 

An audio installation, where different physical objects would trigger and control various audio effects through contact microphones.  




A research and analysis of the radio stations, logos and sonic design  

Arash Pandi


1987, Rasht, Iran



C/O Ingvild Njølstad Skandsen,
Korshøj 311,
3670 Veksø, Sjælland


52 61 32 20





Professional BA in 'Sonic Media Communication' at Sonic College, Denmark 


Zabte Sote 

Profil oprettet:

3. april 2020


Lautrupsgade 9, 5.sal
DK 2100 København Ø

Telefon (45) 33 13 54 05


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