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Joss Smith (*1993) is a Welsh composer, currently based in Copenhagen. Joss composes works within various mediums, ranging from purely sound orientated works to electronic music, instrumental theatre and performance art. A linking factor between these different approaches is the use of expectation and insistence to build tension and subvert the compositional trajectory. 


The concert experience and its included customs, etiquette and expectations within the sphere of contemporary classical music is a fixture within Joss Smith’s compositional practice. Joss sees his role as a composer to be a researcher and curator, trying new techniques, structural ideas, finding intermedial relations and using the fact that this research will play out in a concert setting as the springboard for creativity. Joss usually imagines the stage as a situation – a setting with included affordances, aesthetic possibilities and expectations which can be utilised, activated or subverted. 

Joss is a founding member of Current Resonance, an ensemble dedicated to producing specifically curated concerts, treating the structure, content and presentation of events as a key area for artistic exploration. 

Udvalgte værker

Endless Tunnel (2020-21) a staged work for six performers, video and electronics 

12 repetitions of the same 3 minutes of material, slowly developing.. Musicians, visuals and text go in and out of focus, revealing a hidden system of cause and effect.  

any time any place, except here and now (2020) for whistles, live video and electronics 

The performer is embodied by a transforming figure on screen, before entering a wasteland of detritus and broken graphics.  

Click the Future (2019) for five performers, live video and electronics 

Imagining musicians as purchasable and upgradable assets who can be bought as part of an interactive menu, the amount of precision demanded from the musicians becomes unmanageable, leading to replacement by digital versions of themselves.  

HOT (2022) a staged work for four performers and multimedia 


Heatwaves as sound 

Virtual environments 

Aquatic ambience 


Salt and sunshine 


HOT imagines an industry of virtual tourism within a parallel timeline where the infamous 'Atlantropa' project goes ahead - a plan to drain the Mediterranean Sea to create new land to develop and settle. The result of this is an unlivable scorching desert of salt and raised sea-levels all around the world, rendering many coastal cities half-submerged. Performers take part in and play with the associations of common holiday activities, with a backdrop of the hub of industry that is Aarhus Harbour. 


Critical Distance (2019) for prepared saxophone and two performers 


One performer is the lungs of the instrument while the other has control over the keys. Breathing in and out causes a foil diaphragm over the bell of the instrument to ‘breathe’ once all keys are held down. Encroachment upon the instrument triggers a defensive response which gets tested and worn down over the course of the piece until there is a final destruction of the connection between the two performers. 


Can be found at https://www.joss-smith.co.uk/works

Øvrige beskæftigelser

Joint founder, performer, concert organiser and treasurer with ensemble Current Resonance.   

Treasurer of Ung Nordisk Musik Danmark. 

Clarinettist with K!art ensemble. 

Foto: Tobias Nicolai

Joss Smith

Fulde navn:

Joss Smith





+45 22704343




Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus, Denmark 

– Postgraduate Soloist – Composition - 2019-2021 

– MMus Composition – 2017-2019 

Royal Academy of Music, London, United Kingdom 

– Bmus Composition – 2012-2016 



Profil oprettet:

4. november 2020


Lautrupsgade 9, 5.sal
DK 2100 København Ø

Telefon (45) 33 13 54 05


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