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Af: Kirsten Milenko


Kirsten Milenko was born and raised in North Avalon, Australia. She commenced piano studies at the age of 5, simultaneously with a study of ballet. Following a strong interest in science and humanities during her school years, the two artforms continued alongside her education, until graduating in 2011 and deciding to pursue a humanities degree at University. After three years studying International Relations, Advanced French Studies and Literature at the University of New South Wales, while continuing private and additional tertiary piano study, she would direct her tertiary education to composition and commence at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at age 21. 


During her studies at the Sydney Conservatorium, Milenko frequently sought practical experience outside of the tertiary educational scope to work with film directors, dancers and musicians within Sydney and Europe. In 2017, Milenko commenced a multidisciplinary project in Germany with composer/choreography Hayley Page for the Hamburg Ballet’s Young Choreographer’s Series. In July the same year, her electroacoustic work Ex Aere premiered at City Recital Hall in Sydney with soprano Sylvie Woods and double bassist Jacques Emery – a work which has developed into her upcoming debut album Caeli. In August 2017, she would move to Denmark indefinitely.


Following her primary composition studies under Liza Lim, Natasha Anderson, Ursula Caporali, Rosalind Page, and orchestration studies with Carl Vine, Milenko travelled to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Music as a visiting student to study under Niels Rosing-Schow and Simon Løffler. Following her year abroad, she enrolled in the Master’s degree at RDAM where she will graduate in 2020. Her studies have increasingly focused on orchestrating small to large-scale ensembles in addition to studies in electroacoustics and the crossover points between these two disciplines. Movement is a continual and foundational point of focus within her work.


Milenko has worked with and written for ensembles such as: the Esbjerg Ensemble, DR VokalEnsembelt, E-Mex Ensemble, Scandinavian Guitar Duo, Ensemble Offspring, Ensemblage, SCM Wind Symphony, Adelaide Wind Symphony, Modest Orchestra. In Copenhagen, Milenko has worked with a number of solo musicians, conductors and new music ensembles including Jean Thorel, Kalle Hakosalo, K!art, Bartłomiej Sutt, Louise Mcclelland Jacobsen and Emma Ilona Mustaniemi. Her music has been performed in festivals within Denmark, Poland, the UK and Australia.


She has pursued additional studies as a composer and conductor at academies such as: Dartington International Summer School (UK), Synthetis International Summer School (Poland), Hatched Academy (Australia), Women Conductor’s Programme with Jessica Cottis and the Royal Philharmonic Society (UK), Melbourne Youth Orchestras Conducting School (Australia), NORD+MIX Workshop (Lithuania).



I have long been interested in the architecture that music is capable of being. Movement when entwined with music is a subject of great fascination, both in the process of instrumental writing and also during external collaborations with choreographers and dancers. The potential that music holds to link an audience with both the seen and unseen worlds of human perception has been a great source of inspiration since I first began composing. To present the unknown in a way that entices both curiosity and gentleness of the human spirit is an image often present throughout my work.

This extends into all aspects of composition. There is poetry between a musician and their instrument which has led to the creation of an ongoing collection of electroacoustic work entitled the Artefact Series. The aim here is to explore the sound of movement unconventional to the ears to uncover the voice unique to each musician. Working with electronics over many years has greatly informed my approach to orchestration of concert music, whether for soloists, small or large ensembles, the approach of orchestrating minute details in the presence of a carefully constructed space is integral.







“The cooperation of music and dance is very much to be praised. And composition is also a part of the choreography.” – Gisela Sonnenburg; Ballet Journal


à l’aube (2016) classical guitar

Altérité (2019) trio for violin and 2 percussionists

Caeli (2018) ambisonic concert work

Canthus (2018) classical guitar duo

De-Voir (2017) piano

Dislocation (2015) film score for percussion and double bass

Eardstapa (2018-19) song cycle for soprano and string quartet

Élégie (2015) trio for soprano, viola, piano

Énouement (2018) ambisonic concert work of field recordings

Into Glass (2016) acousmatic concert piece

l’espace (2016) orchestra (3+picc,3+cor,3,3 - 4,3,3,2 - timp, perc, hp, str)

l’exhale (2014) soprano and piano

Le Vol (2018) soprano saxophone and piano

Light Movements (2017) recorder quartet (2xtenor, bass, great bass)

Lux Aeterna (2019) percussionist – vibraphone with light/sound electronics

Lys (2018): quintet for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin

Mourning Song (2014) duet for flutes and cello

Night is worn (2019) soprano, mezzo soprano, sinfonietta

O (2016) trio for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano - E-Mex Ensemble

Opia (2018) woodwind quartet, string quartet and percussion

Orbis (2016) solo cello with electronics

Pastiche (2019) soprano saxophone, bass trombone, percussion, piano, cello, guitar

Sleepless (2018) Chinese flutes, yangqin, pipa, erhu, cello, piano

Snowline (2016) acousmatic concert piece

Somniare (2017) bass clarinet and accordion

Speak (2018-19) Vocal Ensemble (5S, 4A, 4T, 5B) DR VokalEnsemblet

Symphony d’aere (2017) wind symphony with solo violin

Wachtraum (2015) String Quartet no.1

We Are Only Breathing (2018) percussionist – marimba and 10 Thai bao gongs





Album – June 2019

Kirsten Milenko (composition + production)

Sylvie Woods (soprano)

Jacques Emery (double bass)


Ex Aere

Single – December 2017

Kirsten Milenko (composition + production)

Sylvie Woods (soprano)

Jacques Emery (double bass)


Photo: Linda Warlond

Kirsten Milenko





Kronprinsessegade 44 St

København K 1306


+45 25 33 33 81




MMus Composition – The Royal Danish Academy of Music: Niels Rosing-Schow and Simon Løffler.

BMus Composition – The Sydney Conservatorium of Music: Liza Lim, Natasha Anderson, Rosalind Page, Ursula Caporali.

Studies of humanities at the University of New South Wales in International Relations, Advanced French and Literature


Øvrige beskæftigelser:

Pianist/Piano Tutor

Score Production for the Australian Music Centre (2016-17)



John Amis Award, Dartington International Summer School, 2018.

Scholarship at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, 2018.

Ignaz Freidman Memorial Prize, 2015.




Australian Music Centre

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30. august 2019


Lautrupsgade 9, 5.sal
DK 2100 København Ø

Telefon (45) 33 13 54 05


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